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Personalized Lessons

Our personalized lessons are exactly what they sound like. They are lessons that are personalized to each owner and dogs specific needs. They are in-home private lessons, that means we come to you! We are also able to have them at parks and dog friendly stores and places if that is needed for your training goals and depending on what you want to work on. You will meet with Emily, your trainer, once a week for one hour for the desired amount of weeks that you book. We will go over the specific items each week that you wanted to work on and at the end of each lesson you will be given homework to do before your next lesson. 

Our personalized lessons come in packages with the following prices: 

4 Weeks - $400

5 Weeks - $500

6 Weeks- $575 (Our Most Popular)

7 Weeks - $675

8 Weeks - $775

Single sessions are available for $110, But for most training to be successful in meeting your goals you will need more than one. We also offer options for packages for more than 8weeks or less than 4 weeks. Please contact us for pricing if that is something you are interested in. 


 To Book services please call us at 913-914-9477  or email us at and press the button below to start filling out our training information form so we can get to know you and your dog a little better.  

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