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Walk Like Fowler

Walk like Fowler is our program that focuses solely on loose leash walking. This is good for those dogs that seem to be angels in all other areas of their life except when they are attached to a leash then they turn into sled dogs.  in this program you dog will learn behaviors such as:

  • Heel

  • leave it 

  • place 

  • walking on a loose leash 

  • lets go

  • better engagement / responding to their name

Two different programs:

Slow and steady - For those who want to take their time and work more on their own 

Length of program: 4 one-hour sessions over 4 weeks. 

Price: $395

Quick Steps Program - for those who want progress a little faster

Length of program: 6 one-hour sessions, two sessions a week for 3 weeks

Price: $595

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