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Group training 

Here at Fowler and Family Dog Training our group classes are a little different. Our Group classes happen twice a week: Thursdays at 4pm and Sundays at 12pm. But unlike normal group classes our group training is on-going  kind of like a gym membership. You pay either monthly or every 3 months or 6 months. It is an open enrollment class.  And with the membership you can come to as many sessions  that month as you want. You can come to just one or two or all 8 that will occur that month. This class is great for those who need flexibility and want to practice their skills around other dogs and people. We go over a variety of skills such as Loose Leash walking, Place, Recall, Sits/downs, Stays/wait and more with various levels of difficultly depending on where you and your dog are at. This is an all levels class so you will have novice dogs but also advanced dogs in the class.  

Requirements to participate in group classes include: 

  • The dog that participates in class has to of had at least 2-3 private lessons with us 

  • Not have major behavioral challenges like reactivity (We have other training options for these dogs) 

  • Know at least the beginnings of a Place, sit, come, wait (these are taught in the 2-3 private lessons)

Monthly price: $110  

3 month price: $310

6 month price: $640

Email us at or Call/text at (913)-914-9477 to get enrolled today! 

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