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About Emily & The Dogs

Emily Remmers is From Kansas City,KS and found her love of dog training in the areas of agility and trick dog  in 2015 when she adopted her first dog that was truly her dog and not a just a family dog. That dog was Fowler a cattle dog mix  from a local Kansas city shelter. Fowler at the time was around a year old when adopted. It was Fowler who introduced Emily to this crazy world that she has grown too love to learn about since Fowler had no training what so ever when she got him. Emily is just in the beginning of her experience in the dog world and is always learning and expanding her knowledge of techniques and other dog sports. She believes that the best trainers never stop learning and keep an open mind to try new things.


Along came Berlin

Berlin is Emily's second dog and is learning a lot about life from both Fowler and herself. But Berlin has already taught her a lot about dog training like Fowler did because she has expanded her knowledge in the world of raising a puppy.  she got Berlin as a puppy from a rescue here in Kansas City. Berlin is a very confident and spitfire of a dog made up of Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.  She is already following in Fowler footsteps as a trick dog but Emily does hope to expand her expertise possibly to: Disc dog, agility, obedience/rally and more. But only time will tell what Berlin truly likes to do and that's what Emily will run with. They  do what ever is fun for Berlin.

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