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Berlins Basics - Levels I, II, III

Berlin's Basics are for dogs 5+ months up to senior dogs who are needing help with basic manners and obedience. There are three different levels. to move on to the next you have to complete the previous one  You can either buy each level separately or by all three as a package. When you by all three levels a free follow up lesson is also included. 

Berlins Basics - Level I

In level one we work on the common commands. Introducing marker training, Sit, Down, Come, Place and Off. We also work on an intro to loose leash walking and heel. We also work on help your dog learn and enjoy hearing thier name. 

Berlins Basics - Level II

In level two we work on previous commands learned in level one along with learning new ones such as stay and  leave it. In level two we work a lot more on perfecting the heel and loose leash walk. 

Berlins Basics - Level III

In level three we work on previous commands learned in level one and two and start adding in distractions and practicing them in new environments. such as public parks or dog friendly stores. 

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