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Fowler and I Hiking in Catalina State park in AZ

Well if you have decided to read past the title of this blog post and look at the wonderful photo of the desert landscape of Arizona with a random person and dog in it both Myself and my dogs appreciate that you find our life interesting enough to want to be a part of it. Now that we have the awkward introduction out of the way let me introduce myself and let you get to know a little bit about my life. Hopefully its not too scary or too boring that we scare you away from being part of our lives.

My name is Emily Remmers and at the moment I write this I am just a 22 year old woman from Kansas City, KS trying to find my place in this world with my two dogs Fowler, a Cattle dog mix , and Berlin, an Aussie mix. Currently I am going to College to get a Degree in Marketing. But it wasn't always that way. Straight out of High school I told myself I wanted to go to Nursing school and that is what I focused on for three years of my life while training my first dog Fowler who was a crazy pulling mess when I got him. And after two years of Pre-requisites I did get into nursing school but at this same point in my life I also discovered my love for dogs and every thing about their behaviors, training, and after having many opportunities to perform with my dog Fowler with his 60+ behaviors I started to have a feeling I wasn't pursing the right career path but didn't think much about it. at that moment I thought I was crazy for wanting to create a life centered around dogs.

I did go ahead and go to the first year of nursing school but about halfway through it i realized that it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had no problem with the blood, vomit, etc. I had even seen child birth 3 times and multiple surgeries. But I just did not feel the passion, the fire that I felt when I talked about or did anything canine. And I think that is partly why I found my self almost depressed in a way and not putting the time I should of into studying like I should of cause I wasn't doing something I wanted to and that is why without meaning to do so I did fail out of my second semester of Nursing school. for most of my friends and family they don't know that I failed out. I just told them that I switched majors. I was afraid of what people would think of me failing. But after being away from nursing school for a whole year I realized it was just one part of my life that has made me into the person I am today. They were necessary experiences. During that year after I got much more comfortable with everything social media and that is what made me lean towards doing something with marketing. This is also the time I found out more about Agility and many other dog sports. Having two jobs in the pet/dog industry during that time after also helped me decide that I needed to do something with pets or dogs to make myself happy in my work.

And now while I finish my marketing degree I also strive to be a voice in the dog community on social media to help spread useful information to dog owners that I have learned in the past four years of having Fowler and what I continue to learn while training and living a life with both him and Berlin. That is why I want to start the "if you love your dog, train your dog movement". It seems that in my opinion many pets are rehomed simply for not having training and exercise. I believe that every dog should at least get 10mins of training and at least one walk a day or at least some exercise in some form. I hope to make a difference in at least 1 person's life with their dog that can make their relationship better. If you wish to continue to follow me through this journey feel free to continue to follow this blog, our Youtube channel, instagram, facebook, and twitter ( we don't use twitter much ) where I will be putting out new content like training tips, reviews, and much more. You'll also catch a glimpse into out lives involving a bunch of dog sports, dog tricks, therapy dog work, and maybe some traveling here and there. If you made it to the end of this blog post thank so much for reading it. Hope you stick around!

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